Sony launches Playstation companion app for PlayStation 4

Sony has released its companion app for the PlayStation 4, just two days before the release of the console in North America. The app keeps you connected to your PS4, as well as your PlayStation Network games and friends.

The PlayStation app helps you stay connected with your PSN profile and friends. You can manage your own profile or see what games your friends are playing and what trophies they're earning, as well as connecting with them through PSN chat. You can receive notifications for new messages, game alerts, and invitations. Your iPhone can also be used as a keyboard for your PS4.

You can use the app with the PlayStation Store. Not only can you browse through the available games and add-on content in the Store, but you can push games to your PS4, which will begin downloading them automatically. Some games will also allow you to use the app as a second screen, letting you access additional features of the game, like maps, videos, and other content.

The PlayStation app is available for free, and can be downloaded from the App Store now.

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