Sony is planning to launch their answer to iTunes, offering music, movies, books, mobile apps, and more... sometime in the future. No, they haven't announced a date yet, but given their portfolio of PS3, PSP, Sony Reader, and how more and more is being integrated into their Bravia televisions, while the MP3 player market is dwindling, convergent devices are on the rise. (Of course, they'll need to fix their smartphone offerings and get them integrated into their own platform as well --hello PSPhone, can you get to that already?)

It sounds like a great idea, and makes perfect sense for Sony to evolve as a media giant. The only problem we see? Yeah, sony. At every turn, they've gone for closed and consumer-hostile, and while you can succeed with one of those, you can never succeed with both. ATAC auto-DRM'ing your music, Sony CDs installing Root Kits, UMD's on PSP, it's a miracle (of money and will) they got Blu-Ray established.

If you're going to copy Apple, Sony -- and in this case we hope you do -- copy it as closely as you can. Have liberal DRM with 5 (or more) devices that can be authorized, content that can be transported between devices. In other words, make it as consumer friendly as possible, even if it scares the traditional Big Media out of you.

[Business Week - thanks to everyone who sent this in!]