Sony targets potential iPhone converts with its updated Xperia Transfer softwareSony has released an update to its Xperia Transfer software suit that it offers free of charge to users of its Xperia branded handsets. The latest update looks to seamlessly ease iPhone users over to the Xperia’s Android platform by helping them transfer their content from their iPhone. The software claims to be able to transfer an iPhone’s contacts, messages, calendar entries, notes, bookmarks, and iTunes music.

Is your current phone an iPhone? Use Xperia Transfer in PC Companion or Sony Bridge for Mac to easily transfer your content and contacts to your new Sony device. Note: Xperia Transfer supports the following Sony devices: Xperia V (LT25), Xperia VC, Xperia TX (LT29), Xperia T (LT30), Xperia TL (LT30), Xperia T (LT30), Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia ZQ.

In order to use the software, you first have to sync your iPhone using iTunes. The Xperia Transfer suite can then presumably access the iPhone’s backup file to extract the relevant information before converting it and transferring it to a format that Sony’s Xperia range of handsets can understand.

HTC updated its Sync Manager software last month to offer the same services as this Sony software and that worked by accessing the iPhone’s backup file. It will be very interesting to see how long it takes Apple to close off this loophole and prevent HTC and Sony from releasing software to entice iPhone users away from the platform.

Source: Electronista