If you’re like me you absolutely hate -- hate! -- the weak speaker performance of your iPhone, iPad, or Macbook Air, Edifier has made the Sound To Go Plus, a quality built auxiliary audio system that's as portable as your Apple devices.

The Sound To Go Plus portable audio system has a built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery that connects to you iOS device or Mac via a USB streaming cable or AUX input. It's very simple to use -- just plug it in, adjust the volume, and listen.

Annoyingly, the Sound To Go Plus speaker system is NOT bluetooth enabled which means you’ll always have to have either the line input or USB input available to use it. In order to use it on you laptop, you need to go into your Mac System preference or your Windows Control Panel to enable the USB as the default output. The advantage of the USB cable is that it will charge the Sound To Go Plus as well.

Charging takes 3 to 5 hours so if you're planning to use the Sound To Go Plus with the AUX input instead of USB, you'll need to plan in advance. Also, it would have been nice to have some of indicator light or light color for when charging is complete.

The Sound To Go Plus' look and finish matches the aluminum finishes Apple products are known for, which is an excellent touch. However, the Sound To Go Plus isn't exactly light, so there's quite a bit to lug around with you. They do provide a carrying bag, however, and the quality and look certainly make it worth lugging.

As to the sound, it's also good but as is typical with these small speaker systems, distortion is heard at high volume.

The good

  • Has that Apple look
  • Better than built in iOS device or MacBook Air speakers

The bad

  • No Bluetooth option

The conclusion

The Sound To Go Plus speaker system from Edifier is an inexpensive way to impress you're sexy lady Gangnam style. Give them a look.

$49.95 - Buy now

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