Children play with chalk.

Sound Off coordinates with blogs and podcasts to raise awareness around its current campaign. Once a month, Sound Off asks participants to post or speak about the current campaign and provide a URL where people can get more info and make a donation.

Our friends at Sound Off are raising money to provide childcare at Affect, a conference about the work, culture, and design of social change. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say parents of young kids are just as likely to be interested in the work, culture, and design of social change as the rest of us! You and I can help make sure parents can attend the conference worry-free by contributing to the Sound Off campaign.

Here's what Sound Off has to say about its latest campaign:

For parents with kids too young to be left alone, attending, speaking, or volunteering at a conference without childcare can be impossible. The logistics and cost of coordinating a private sitter can easily cause parents to simply not attend a conference. We believe the best conferences have the largest cross section of people, and conferences are better when families are able to attend together. We're thrilled to be able to support Affect by making the conference accessible to all parents.

If you'd like to help make Affect an awesomely diverse conference, head on over to Sound Off to contribute!