SoundCloud has updated their app for iPhone and iPad to version 3.0, refreshing the design of the app on the iPhone. The new design places an emphasis on visual elements and cleanliness. Artwork is given a more prominent place during playback, and the controls have been simplified.

Navigation and playback are simpler with this update. SoundCloud 3.0 uses a "one thumb" interface to easily control playback and exploration in the app. You can easily get to a user's profile straight from either a track or a playlist. Additionally, your likes and your playlists are now in the same section, letting you keep all of your favorite sounds in one, convenient place.

The iPad version of SoundCloud 3.0 has not received the same refresh, though SoundCloud says that they are working on it for a future release. You can download SoundCloud 3.0 from the App Store right now. Be sure to come back and tell us what you think of the changes below in the comments.

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