Apple is letting customers who purchased a Space Black Apple Watch that they will not offer that model at retail until all existing orders have been filled.

Space Black Apple Watch will come to retail stores after all online orders have been filled

Following the news that the Apple Watch would soon be available in retail stores, Apple is emailing an update to customers who ordered the Space Black Apple Watch. The email lets these customers know that this particular model will not be available in Apple Retail Stores until all online orders for that model have been filled.

From Apple:

As you may have heard, some models of Apple Watch will soon be available for purchase in Apple Retail Stores. We'd like you to know that the model you ordered will not be available for purchase in Apple Retail Stores until all current online orders have shipped.

The Apple Watch is expected to hit Apple Stores in about two weeks, with all orders placed through May, except for the 42mm Space Black models, expected to ship within that time as well.