get gmail on your iphone the way it was meant to be with sparrow

Sparrow for iPhone, the replacement mail app that shames Google's half-assed Gmail for iOS app and gives Apple's built-in Mail app a run for its money has been updated to version 1.1 and it brings a lot of great stuff... though sadly still no push. Now, when you tap on a hyperlink in Sparrow for iPhone, you will not be taken out of the app and into Safari, but, instead, a nice built-in WebView will slide in. When you're done looking at the website, your mail is just a tap away. Some of the other new features of Sparrow 1.1 include the ability to Send & Archive and to show/hide the dock badge for specific accounts. What's notability missing from Sparrow's update is push notifications.

However, the folks at Sparrow promise the feature is coming. They believe that Apple will change their position on the matter. We believe Apple won't -- Sparrow was misusing the VoIP API and Apple would (and arguably should) offer a new, specific multitasking API for persistent internet apps. Either way, Sparrow has a backup plan.

Thanks to your amazing support, we feel confident that Apple might revise its position on the Push API. We’ll submit a first version of Sparrow 1.2 including it. This might delay Sparrow 1.2 validation but we’re already working with some partners to include Push in future versions of Sparrow without needing Apple clearance.

Push is coming. With or without Apple.

So in the meantime, you can enjoy the new features of Sparrow, just without push. Personally, I've been using Sparrow when I have a moment to just sit back and browse through my email. Apple's mail app is still my main client, but only because Sparrow doesn't support push notifications, yet. Once Push becomes available for Sparrow, it's very likely that it'll take the place of Apple's mail app on my dock. It's a great mail app.

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