iPhone 4 FaceTime video calling iChat

Steve Jobs brought back the "one more thing" bump for FaceTime, Apple's new iPhone 4 feature that promises no setup, Wi-Fi only, one-on-one video calling. You start a call or choose a contact and you're video chatting.

We're curious if you think you'll be using it? Nokia has had video chat for what seems like a century and half, and the Android-based Evo 3G has it via Qik, but it's hardly a mainstream phenomena yet. Apple has a history of taking interesting technology and making it usable for the masses, but given the iPhone 4-only, Wi-Fi only restrictions, will the masses embrace it?

Apple has made the protocols behind FaceTime open, so while we hope iChat on Mac gets compatibility ASAP, it's possible Skype could provide the same functionality, and Nokia, Android, and other platforms could have compatible apps. We could (and should) even -- finally -- get camera equipped iPads and iPod touches to join in the fun.

Is that enough to make it mainstream?

Let us know what you think about FaceTime. Do you see yourself using? If so, how? And where else do you want to see the FaceTime tech pop up?