Fairly split a meal tab wtih Billr for iPhone

There are a countless number of tip calculators in the App Store, but what sets Billr apart from the crowd is that it offers a way to quickly and fairly split a bill, including tax and tip. By fairly, I mean that instead of an even split, each member of the group only pays for the items that they ordered and tax and tip on just those items.

As someone who often orders inexpensive entrees and water with my meals in an effort to save money, there is nothing more annoying than when the guy who ordered lobster and 3 cocktails announces that we're just going to split the bill evenly because it's easier that way. Well, now that guy can shut up and pay his fair amount, because with Billr for iPhone, calculating everyone's share is quick and easy.

Upon launching Billr, you select how many people are in your party then move right along to entering the price of the items that each person ordered. The layout of the UI is perfect for quick entry. The bottom half of the screen remains as a keypad and the top half of the screen displays a scrollable list of tickets for 4 people at a time.

Next, you enter either the percentage or dollar values of the tax and tip and Billr instantly does the rest. It will display up to 8 tickets at a time with the exact dollar amount owed by each person. You can then pass your phone around for people to see their totals, or you can send the results via SMS or email.

The only thing that's missing is the ability to add items, like appetizers, that can be split between multiple people. It's already an awesome app, possibly the best tip calculator currently available, but if the folks at Billr add this feature, it will be the perfect tip calculator app.

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