Spotify continues to try and edge ahead in the streaming stakes, and their latest addition is a big one; they now have the full back catalog from Pink Floyd available to stream. Music from Pink Floyd is available on competing services, to buy and to stream, but Spotify takes the crown as the only streaming service to offer the full and complete works of Pink Floyd. And, for premium members, that means you can take it with you on your iOS device as well as listening along on your Mac.

Pink Floyd is the latest high-profile addition to the Spotify ranks, following on from getting access to the full Metallica back catalog. As Apple prepares for the wider launch of iTunes Radio, and Google is about to bring All Access to iOS, Spotify will hope that their ability to attract the high profile artists will help them win out in the streaming music wars.

In the days leading up to making the Pink Floyd music available, Spotify has been encouraging their listeners to help them make it available but streaming classic track "Wish You Were Here." It charted 1 million listens over the weekend, and so Spotify subscribers can now start their week by taking The Wall and Animals with them on their iOS device on the journey to work.

Source: Spotify