From learning ABCs to counting 123s, going back in time to looking to the stars, the iTunes App Store has something for pretty much everyone. Here's a sampling of great iPhone and iPod touch apps and games for kids.

MONOPOLY Here & Now: The World Edition [$4.99 - iTunes link] - Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the MONOPOLY brand as the game you know and love goes global.


Doodle Jump [$0.99 - iTunes link] - insanely addictive game that's currently #1 on the App Store Top Paid list.


Dinosaurs: The American Museum of Natural History Collections (free - iTunes link] - most kids LOVE dinosaurs and this amazing app let's kids explore the museums collection.


Pickin' Time [$1.99 - iTunes link] - another game to keep kids of all ages engaged. While teaching them about vegetables!


Math Cards [$0.99 - iTunes link] - Sorry kids, it's not all games. This app uses quick quizzes to improve basic math kill.


ABC Animals [$1.99 - iTunes link] - really engaging way to help teach preschoolers letters, phonics and handwriting.


Preschool Music [$0.99 - iTunes link] - includes four fun musical activities for preschoolers to jam along with. Perhaps not one for the back of the mini-van.


Elmo's Monster Maker [$3.99 - iTunes link] - super fun app that lets kids design their own monster friend to play with Elmo.


Jelly Car 2 [$0.99 - iTunes link] - this game has become a real favorite on the App Store and this version lets you use your own much in the game.


Word Magic [$0.99 - iTunes link] - great way to help kids 3-6 have fun with words and spelling.


NASA App [free - iTunes link] - educate and entertain with this official app from NASA. Includes a ton of fantastic information about space missions past and present.


Wheels on the Bus [$0.99 - iTunes link] - the classic. Brilliantly updated for iPhone and iPod touch.


Any other great apps for kids that you would recommend? Let us know!