Liquid glass

Could spray-on liquid glass be the future of the iPhone and iPad? It is thin, flexible, transparent and even anti-bacterial. This liquid glass was invented in Turkey and held by the company Nanopool.

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The liquid glass is incredibly thin, only about 100 nanometers thick (a penny is 1550000 nm, thanks nanozone) When used in this thickness is flexible and breathable, and easy to clean with only a damp cloth. It repels bacteria, water and dirt, so this layer could be used to keep your iPhone or iPad clean and antibacterial (Germophobes look away, your phone is one of the most bacteria infested objects you own). It also repels UV light and is acid resistant (Oh no, diabolical Mr. Evil you can not destroy my iPhone by dropping it into that vat of acid, but one step closer and Mr. Bigglesworth gets it!).

I can see how this could be useful in a multitude of iPhone, iPod and iPad technolologies. One of the ways I see it being used, is in order to make the iPhone waterproof. It could be sprayed all over the phone and seal off any small holes and mesh, allowing sound waves to travel.

My own futuristic wish is that one day I have a flexible easy to store and carry iPad. Now that glass can be made in a flexible manner this opens up a wide range of possibilities.

To find out more about this new discovery, head on over to Nanopools website.

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