Spring 2013 iOS and OS X conference schedule

The spring iOS and OS X developer and designer conference season is in full swing and this year more than ever the schedule looks jam packed with events and talent.

NSConf has already wrapped up in Leicester, England, where it sounds like a good time was had by all. Run by Steve Scott, and with presenters like Evan Doll, Michael Jurewitz, Craig Hockenberry, Daniel Jalkut, Daniel Pasco, Manton Reece, Rob Rhyne, and Emily Loop, that was never in any doubt. Hopefully the sessions will be available soon.

If you missed it though, there are several more coming our way soon.

CocoaConf Dallas - April 4-6, Dallas, USA - features Daniel Pasco, Manton Reece, and more.

Úll - April 12-18, Dublin, Ireland - is run by Paul Campbell of Hypertiny and Dermot Daly of Tapadoo. This year's slate of speakers includes Lex Friedman, Don Melton, Jennifer Brook, Matthew Panzarino, Jaimee Newberry, Matt Gemmel, and panels with Dave Wiskus, Neven Mrgan and Jim Dalrymple.

CocoaConf San Jose - April 18-29, San Jose, USA - features Michael Jurewitz, Matt Drance, Michael Simmons, and more.

NSNorth - April 19-21, Ottawa, Canada - is being held by Dan Byers and Philippe Casgrain. Speakers lined up include Guy English, Luc Vandal, Sam Vermette, Rob Rhyne, Gus Mueller, Caroline Sauve, and more.

UIKonf - May 2, Berlin, Germany - is run by Chris Eidhof, Matt Patterson, and Peter Bihr. Speakers include Chris Heathcote, James Weiner, Louisa Heinrich, and more.

One more thing - May 24, Melbourne, Australia - is put on by Anthony Agius and Lauren Watson of MacTalk. Speakers include Lex Friedman, Jaimee Newberry, Dave Wiskus, Louise Duncan, and many more.

And, of course, Apple should be capping it all off in June with WWDC 2013...

All of the events have lots of valuable information to share and many of them still have tickets available. So, head on over and grab yours now.

(If I missed listing your event let me know ASAP and I'll add it in.)