Sprint CEO, Dan Hesse, says his company has seen an increase in the demand for their 3G and 4G Overdrive wireless hotspot devices since the launch of the iPad. He also noted that most iPads sold are the WiFi only model and they have become increasingly reliant upon devices such as their Overdrive to have connectivity on the go.

When the iPad launch back in April, Sprint released a 4G case that could not only carry the iPad but also had a pocket for their Overdrive wireless hotspot to allow users to be totally mobile anywhere they want.

Not only has Sprint targeted iPad users but they have also featured the iPhone in a commercial they used to show off the features of the Overdrive wireless hotspot and point out its speeds are up to 10 times faster than AT&T's 3G speeds.

The iPad that has 3G capabilities is not compatible with Sprint's network and Sprint is still seeing increased sales thanks to Apple's immensely popular tablet. With the iPad being sold by Verizon now, will Apple also work out a deal to have Sprint carry the device? Are you using Sprint's Overdrive device bundled with your WiFi only iPad? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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