Square Enix has announced Deus Ex: The Fall for iPhone and iPad. Set in the same time period as their console and PC game Deus Ex: Human Revolution, The Fall combines a first-person shooter with third-person, cover-based mechanics. Players take on the role of Ben Saxon, a man who was betrayed by his employers, trying to find out what happened to him. Ben can make use of a host of augmentations that allow him to do things like see through obstructions, become invisible, and punch through walls to attack enemies.

The announcement video shows off some of the gameplay, including the touch controls. These controls include multiple movement options, either using virtual thumbsticks or tapping on your destination, which the developers say is easier for some gameplay on the iPad. Square Enix hasn't announced an exact release date for the game yet, but promises that it will be released "soon".

Source: Deus Ex YouTube channel