Square Register updated with item libraries for iPhone, custom tipping, kitchen tickets, and more

Square Register for iPhone and iPad has just received an update that adds new features to both iPhone and iPad. For the iPhone, you can finally view your item libraries which means no more having to key in manual amounts. On the iPad you'll now have the ability to create kitchen tickets to keep your line of customers moving faster as well as the ability to pair your Bluetooth barcode scanner.

This update is probably the most exciting for anyone using an iPhone with Square Register considering the fact that you've always had to manually key in amounts and never could create or view item libraries you may have on an iPad. If you've already got an item library set up, it'll automatically import into the iPhone version of Square Register. If you don't use the iPad version, you can now create items directly from your iPhone.

The iPad version of Square Register has also been updated to include order modifiers, customizable kitchen tickets, and the ability to pair Bluetooth barcode readers to keep your line moving even faster. If you already use Square Register for your business and plan on using any of these features, let us know how it goes in the comments!

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