Square Wallet update brings a redesigned interface and faster payment support

Square Wallet has just been updated to version 3.0 which brings a completely redesigned interface that makes finding businesses easier, especially the ones directly around you. The payment screen has also been updated to make it quicker to pay at local businesses.

Upon launching the new version of Square Wallet, you'll notice a completely revised launch screen. Instead of seeing a list of businesses with only one featured location, you'll see each location now has their own tiles. If that merchant has uploaded a cover photo to Square, you'll also see that. The only down side is if businesses haven't paid very much attention to keeping their Square account updated with photos, you'll see a black tile, which isn't visually appealing. It does, however, aggregate places closest to you which makes payments quicker.

The actual payment screen has also received some updates. Now when you click on a business from the main screen that's within your vicinity, it automatically takes you to the payment screen. Tap on the green banner at the top and the merchant will then see you're ready to pay. Basically, it's eliminating a few taps on the customer end. You'll still be able to access items for sale and gift card options below just like always.

If you've tried out the new version of Square Wallet, let us know what you think in the comments!

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