Techland, the team behind the original Dead Island games for the PC and consoles, have just released a title for the iPhone and iPad called Hellraid: The Escape, an action-adventure game that is the first title in an all new franchise.

Hellraid: The Escape was actually developed by Shortbreak Studios in collaboration with Techland. It is set in a dark fantasy world that will test the player's mind skills. The description says:

In Hellraid: The Escape, a sorcerer obsessed with dark arts has trapped your soul in a magic prison guarded by demonic creatures. Why are you there? Who are you and why can't you remember your name? To find the answers, you must first escape from this dimension of agony hung somewhere beyond time. During your escape, you will face a multitude of puzzles that demand dexterity, cunning, and logical thinking. The challenges in the game have been specifically designed to take full advantage of the unique capabilities of Apple devices.

Techland promises that there are no in-app purchases or pay-to-win features in Hellraid: The Escape and that it will offer future updates to the title for free. Techland itself is working on the main game in the series, titled simply Hellraid, that will have more of an action bent. It will be released later this year for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

In the meantime, you can download Hellraid: The Escape right now from the App Store for $2.99

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