Get your #StandWithApple t-shirts quick!

Update: Alas, the campaign is over and the ordering closed. We'll have new and different shirts soon, though!

The right to privacy is obviously something Apple has always and continues to care deeply about. Many of us not only agree with the company's position but appreciate their willingness to expend tremendous resources and assume incredible risk to fight for what is, in the end, the privacy and security of our data.

It made us not only want to voice our support, but show it. So, we made a t-shirt. Obviously this is in no way affiliated with Apple Inc., and if any money is earned from it, we'll donate every penny to the EFF. But it's what we want to wear, and we figured some of you might want to wear it too.

Since this issue is relevant right now, we don't want to make anyone wait any longer than is necessary. So, we're using Teespring and we've set the campaign to expire on Thursday night, 10pm ET.

Until then you can order as many American Apparel men's t-shirts, Teespring women's t-shirts, and Gildan Hoodies as you'd like, and they'll ship ASAP.

I'm getting a box full.

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