TiPb international, are you getting ready to stand in line for the iPhone 4? Apple's set to launch in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland on July 30, which for some readers is only a few hours away...

Here's what you need to know:

iPhone 4 will be available from Apple Retail Stores, carrier stores, and carrier resellers (from the big boxes to the franchises). We've heard some store are opening at the stroke of midnight, others at 7am, others only at regular hours. Be sure to check with the store you're going to so you aren't surprised. (If it's in a mall, check what time the mall opens as well.)

Carrier plans, hardware upgrade pricing, and what-not is, as usual, sparse so be prepared for last minute announcements, customer service reps who haven't yet been told about them, and carrier computer systems crashing often and hard. In other words, be prepared to be patient and persistent.

iPhone 4 requires a MicroSIM, so you might want to swing by your carrier early, get one, and have it activated on your line -- if they'll let you -- now before things get hectic later.

Many countries will also have iPhone 4 available SIM-free and unlocked so if you're willing to pay the ~$650 to ~$750 unsubsidized price you can just buy one and go. Given previous years where early upgrades were $100 off for a 1 year contract extension, it's something to think about.

Let us know where you are and what the line's like, and add your photos to our forum gallery, and if you're already camping out -- good night and good luck!


Marc Edwards from Bjango in Australia, Doncaster shopping center