TiPb T-Shirts at iPhone 4 Launch

This is it TiPb Nation, the Apple equivalent of the Superbowl and your birthday all rolled into one -- new iPhone launch day! All around the world, the community is gathering at their local Apple Retail, carrier, and big box stores to line up for the iPhone 4S. It's not just about the phone, it's about the experience -- it's about being there with everyone else, talking, joking, and this year -- remembering Steve.

Whether you're showing up in black shirt and jeans, or showing up just to be there, we want to know where you are, how many people are with you, and when you get your new iPhone.

Send us your thoughts, your experiences, and your pictures. Especially your pictures. You can post them on the iPhone 4S Forum along with with rest of the TiPb nation, or tweet them to us @TiPb. If you want to hang:

  • Rene will be at Fairview in Montreal.
  • Ally will be at University Park Mall in Southbend, Indiana.
  • Leanna will be stopping by Cherry Creek Mall in Denver, Co.

Let us know where you'll be and how it's going!

[Picture from iPhone 4 launch, we'll swap it for a new one when we get it!]

Update: Marc Edwards from Bjango and Iterate tells us the Doncaster, Australia store had its biggest launch yet and the lineup was longer than the iPad 2 launch. (They still have some black units in stock though, so hurry!)