What you see above is the exclusive Star Trek Into Darkness teaser attached to Oz: The Great and Powerful, and posted online by avindustries13. It's the second Star Trek movie from director JJ Abrams, who has most recently been signed to direct the first of the Star Wars sequels. One look at this teaser, however, shows Abrams has already been doing just that. At the very least, he's bringing the grit dynamism of Star Wars to Star Trek. And hey, Spock does a pretty good job filling the Chewy seat.

Star Trek: Into Darkness hits theaters in May but you can already grab the official companion app from the app store:

You can also grab previous Star Trek TV shows and Movies from iTunes, including Abrams' first movie, the one that launched the re-imagining.

And if you thirst for the non-re-imagined Star Trek Universe, the one of Picard and Sisko and Janeway, Mobile Nations' own Derek Kessler has just released Star Trek: Aldrin, his vision for the future of the Federation, Dominion, and galaxy in general. I read the first book, Sic Semper Tyrannis, and it was great. Get your ablative armor up, load the transphasic torpedoes, and fire away at while you're waiting! (And man can Kessler model some amazing looking Star Ships!)

Source: avindustries13 via Clayton Morris

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