Star Wars: Force Collection out now for iOS devices

Star Wars: Force Collection has arrived for iPhone and iPad. In Force Collection, players build decks of cards that correspond with characters and vehicles from the Star Wars movies. There are 230 unique cards in the game. Each card has stats that aid players in battle. Each fight helps level up combat ability, while the actions players take determine if they fight for the light side or the dark. Global player events will pit one against the other.

Players complete quests throughout the game. After a quest is complete, the game moves to a battle, where the players cards are directly placed against an opponent's. Defeating your opponents in battle will, among other things, earn you blueprint pieces, used to get vehicle cards. Give yourself a better chance by enhancing your cards with either the credits or crystals you earn by completing quests. Force Collection features in-app purchases of crystals, which, in addition to helping improve your cards, also let you purchase new card packs. The game itself is a free download on the App Store, available now.

If you try it out, tell me what you think!

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