Mobile wallet apps are still taking off, but one company has soared to the top of the spend list; Starbucks. Reports suggest that U.S. customers spent $500 million using such apps during 2012, and that 'most' of that was spent in Starbucks using their own app.

The likes of Google Wallet and Square garner much more media attention, but the Starbucks Card within their mobile app has succeeded in ways those have not. Mobile wallet solutions have been slow to gain support from retailers, and indeed spread themselves globally. Here in the UK, for example, Google Wallet doesn't exist, but Starbucks does. Pretty much any main branch of Starbucks will accept payment via the app, and this sort of in-house management of the solution says a lot for its success. On the iPhone the Starbucks Card is also Passbook enabled, keeping it close at hand.

There's no doubt we'll see such methods of payment begin to grow over the next few years, but the Starbucks success does at least show there is a willingness to pay for things this way. I'd love to leave my wallet at home, and just carry my iPhone 5 with Passbook loaded up with all the payment methods I'll need that day. How much do you guys use mobile wallet apps for payments? For more than just coffee? Let us know!

Source: Gigaom