Are you interested in amateur astronomy but don't want to invest too much in an expensive telescope? Those constellations won't just observe themselves! You need a portable telescope you can store in your car or easily pack on all your camping trips.

Get a 90x monocular telescope with portable tripod!

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If that describes you, you need this deal from iMore Digital Offers can! Get a 90x monocular telescope with an included tripod for only $54.99. You can use it for stargazing at night, or for observing the natural world around you with the included 50mm optical glass objective lens. That means you'll be able to use this telescope in low lighting conditions.

Here are the full specs for this 17-inch long telescope:

  • Refractive/focal length: 360mm
  • Optical aperture: 50mm
  • Theory resolutions: 2.000 arc seconds
  • Oblique mirror: 90º
  • Max magnification: 90x

This kit includes a couple different eye pieces to try out — just don't look at the sun! Save 72% off this telescope and test out astronomy for yourself!

Save 72% with iMore Digital Offers!

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