This will probably be the most CrackBerry-centric infographic that spins out of Talk Mobile, and fair enough. If there's anything BlackBerry still owns, it's the hardware keyboard, and unlike BBM, that's probably not going cross-platform any time soon, and it's certainly not coming to the iPhone anytime... ever.

By the same token, the iPhone's virtual keyboard, a marvel in its day, is now one of the oldest implementations in the industry, and not only is BlackBerry doing really interesting things with their BB10 virtual keyboard. but so are a lot of third parties on Android, like Swype and Swift Key.

Apple hasn't shown off any major changes to the keyboard for iOS 7, other than transparency. So here's where I make a CrackBerry-centric infographic all about iPhone and iPad:

Check out the inforgraphic below and let me know if it properly describes your usage and your needs, and then tell me - What do you want to see from Apple when it comes to keyboards going forward?