Status Board 2.0 helps you keep track of what's important to you

Status Board, the app from Panic that offers a visual way of tracking what's important to you, has received a long-awaited update to version 2.0. Now a free app for both new and existing users, Status Board 2.0 builds on what came before by adding easier, more versatile customization.

You'll notice immediately that Status Board has a new look, more in line with iOS 8, and you can now create multiple boards. The app has also added new panel types like photos, text, and a countdown clock. You can purchase the pack of six new panels for $9.99.

Here are all of the major changes you can expect in Status Board 2.0:

  • NEW UI. A new font, new icons, and a new, sleek, streamlined appearance.
  • MULTIPLE BOARDS. As many as you want! Swipe left or right to switch boards, or use our custom transitions and delays to cycle through them automatically.
    • Photo Album: automatically cycles through photos in an album of your choice
    • Countdown: to a date of your choice. (Or, count-up from a date that's already happened!)
    • Text: Easily specify any text on a board. Or, create labels.
  • SHARING. Share live links to boards, so the same board can be viewed across your entire organization and will update automatically when you make changes. Or, share your boards with your friends.
  • WALLPAPER. Nice new backgrounds beyond black. Or, add your own, and fully brand your board.
  • HD-OUT. Output specially-formatted HDTV-native boards. It's built-in and free for everyone.
  • LOTS MORE. Tons of fixes and improvements everywhere.

The Expansion Pack panels are available to Status Board 1.0 owners free of charge, and they should be unlocked automatically. You can grab Status Board 2.0 from the App Store now.