Steam Link

If you are one of those folks who jumped in to buy Valve's Steam Link game streaming device and its Steam Controller gamepad, and you were hoping to use both on your Mac, you are going to be disappointed for a while. Valve has started shipping both of those products to early pre-orders, but it has also sent out an email to Mac owners admitting that the Steam Link and Controller don't work with Apple's computers as previously advertised.

According to PCGamesN, the email states that the Steam Link, which is supposed to stream games on Valve's Steam service from a PC to a big-screen television, doesn't currently work with Macs. In addition, the Steam Controller doesn't support gameplay emulation on Macs at the moment, although it does support keyboard/mouse emulation with the current Steam beta client.

Valve says it is working to provide updates for both the Steam Link and Steam Controller for the Mac. The email adds:

We want to apologise for the delays in providing full functionality for the Mac platform. We're doing everything we can to resolve the issues. For the latest fixes and functionality, we recommend that you opt in to the Steam client beta.

As an apology, Valve is giving all Steam Link and Steam Controller Mac buyers free access to its Valve Complete Pack, which contains all of Valve's games, including the ones it plans to release in the future. It's normally worth $99.99. In addition, people who decide to send back their Steam Link and/or their Steam Controller for a refund can still keep the Valve Complete Pack.

Source: PCGamesN