SteelSeries offers two-for-one sale on Stratus, Stratus XL game controllers

SteelSeries, the company behind a number of Bluetooth game controllers for iPhone, iPad, and the new Apple TV, is holding a two-for-one sale on some of its controllers for Cyber Monday. For the price of a single controller, you can get a second of the same series to kickstart your multiplayer gaming on iOS.

The sale applies to two of SteelSeries' controllers: the Stratus XL, along the standard Stratus in either black or white. The Stratus controller offers a small, portable twin-stick controller with a D-Pad, shoulder, and face buttons, while the XL offers iOS a controller made to match those of full gaming consoles. Both Bluetooth controllers are available for $49.99.

SteelSeries controller two-for-one sale / $49.95 each