An analyst has let fly that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will be getting 7 minutes of time during the WWDC 2010 keynote -- where the iPhone HD/iPhone 4G will al but certainly be introduced -- to announce Visual Studio 2010 will support the native creation of iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps. Is there a word in the English language for something so bat$#!t crazy "rumor" and even "fiction" just don't properly convey its bat$#!t craziness?

What makes this particular type of bat$#!t craziness so crazy is that it comes on the wake of Apple disallowing Adobe Flash CS5-style cross-compilation for development, Google's awkwardly aggressive and increasing attacks on Apple, and Microsoft's shakeup of their own devices division -- triple trendy tie-in.

Hey, Microsoft and Apple have come to deals on Office and ActiveSync in the past, and we keep hearing about Bing being on the table to replace Google as default search...

So will Ballmer take the stage and monkey-boy dance out to iPhone developers, developers, developers!? Will Windows PCs get a way in to Apple app creation? Will I ever use bat$#!t insane in a post this much again?

UPDATE: We re-tweeted this earlier but just to make it absolutely clear, the official Microsoft Twitter account laid this bat$3!t crazy rumor to rest earlier today:


[Barons via DF]