All Steve Jobs appearances at the All Things D conference have now been made available as podcasts on iTunes. There are many videos of Steve Jobs around today, there are a lot of him presenting at product launches and of course his famous Stanford commencement but there are very few actual sit down interviews. Thankfully All Things D has decided to release its collection of six interviews where Jobs answers unrehearsed questions and gives his views on technology and business.

In these onstage conversations, Jobs explained his — and Apple’s — evolving philosophy of where the digital world was heading, and of business itself. He discussed competitors, controversies and his own sense of what matters most. He stressed the importance of building products for their actual users, not “orifices” like corporate IT departments or cellphone carriers. He explained why it was often more important to decide what products and features not to build than to pick the ones that were built. He even appeared jointly in a historic conversation with his lifelong rival, Bill Gates.

The podcasts are available from iTunes now and are available as video podcasts or as audio only podcasts. If you haven't managed to catch any of these interviews over the years then you have missed out on some wonderful dialogue and insight into the mind of Steve Jobs. Now you have another chance to see them in high quality thanks to All Things D and Apple.

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Source: All Things D

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