Pointy Heads Software's Knocking Live Video [Free -iTunes link] is the first official iPhone app capable of streaming live video over 3G and WiFi connections. But getting it approved for the App Store was no easy task as the app was first rejected. Then Brian Meehan, lead developer, plead his case to Mr. Steve Jobs. According to Ars Technica, Meehan sent a very convincing letter that caught the CEO's attention.

Meehan even "humbly" requested that Jobs himself review a demo of the app and reconsider it for approval. He then fired off the e-mail to Jobs at 11pm on Saturday, November 21. An Apple executive, who wishes to remain anonymous, contacted Meehan at 8:30am the following Monday morning to discuss the app and its rejection. He revealed that the order to reverse the app's rejection came "directly from the top." Within three hours of the phone call, Knocking Live Video was approved for sale via the App Store.

Many other developers have had difficulties with the inconsistencies involved with the App Store review process, seeing their apps rejected. Perhaps now we will start to see Apple loosen their grip a bit more when it comes to App Store approvals. At least all the developers hope this turns out to be the case...

Truth is, having to rely on intervention by Phil Schiller or Steve Jobs to get your app i

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