Steve Jobs movie

Universal Pictures' biopic of Apple's late co-founder Steve Jobs expanded to over 2,400 theaters in the US in its third official weekend at the box office, but its first in what is considered a wide release. The expansion ended up as a disappointment, however, as the movie earned just $7.3 million this weekend and ended up at 7th place at the box office.

Steve Jobs was a big hit in limited release in its first two weeks, with high per-screen averages. It also has a high A- Cinemascore, which is a survey of movie theater attendees after they see a film. The Hollywood Reporter states that while there appears to be little interest in Steve Jobs in the heartland of the US, the movie is still doing well in urban areas:

"We're going to redouble our efforts to support these markets," said Universal domestic distribution chief Nic Carpou. "It's working great in these theaters now, and we want to make sure it continues to do so."

So far, Steve Jobs has grossed about $10 million since its US release against a reported budget of $30 million. It has yet to open in other parts of the world. Universal will likely earn more money from the film if it continues to gain awards buzz, especially for Michael Fassbender's performance as Jobs.

Source: Hollywood Reporter