In 2007 Steve Jobs strode up onto the Macworld stage, rehashed the Apple TV for a bit, then dropped the shot heard around the consumer electronic universe: iPhone.

In 2008, it was Time Capsule, an iPhone OS update, Apple TV Take 2, and the MacBook Air.

And in 2009?

Er... um... we're not even sure he's going to be there, according to Businessweek (via MacRumors):

Update: 2:30 PM EST: Now Paul Kent is clarifying his statement. Here it is verbatim: “We haven’t made an announcement yet. We hope to in the next two weeks.” Rather than clearing the picture up, it just got muddy again.

Previous years, there's been an announcement roughly a month before hand. We've blown that soft deadline this time around.

One concern is that Apple may have no big announcements to make. Mac Pro, MacBook Pro 17", Mac Mini, and Apple TV are all due refreshes, maybe even iMacs, but none of those are iPhone or MacBook Air type sexay. Apple could drop an iPhone Nano or an iTablet, but those are seen as longshots.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard is almost a certainty, but while it includes Grand Central and Open CL, for consumers, it's "no new features".

But is Jobs giving a less than 'verse denting keynote worse than him not showing up at all, generating more panic about his health and Apple's confidence in the market, especially with Adobe already having pulled out of their booth?

What do you think? Is there a Macworld without a Steve Jobs Keynote? And if so, who gives it in his place, and what do they announce? Phil Schiller on iPhone 2.3 might not be enough...