CBS CEO Leslie Moonves mentioned in an interview recently that Steve Jobs had approached him about syndicating television content on Apple TV. Jobs pitched the partnership as a subscription service, but there aren't many details beyond that. Moonves shot down Jobs, citing concerns about disrupting the traditional CBS revenue stream. Specifically, Moonves said "You know more than me about 99 percent of things but I know more about the television business." As you might expect, Jobs vehemently disagreed with Moonves about the revenue situation. In the interview, Moonves reiterated that they full support digital distribution of content, having played a huge role in Hulu's earlier days, and being a Netflix partner.

While this headline might be getting Moonves some attention, he's hardly the only person ever to have said "no" to Steve Jobs. Verizon did as well, landing the iPhone exclusively on AT&T for 3 years. Given Jobs' track record, and his ability to see the future of consumer demand, it might not be something Moonves is smart to be shopping around. But hey, if Apple launches their rumored television set, and it takes off anything like the iPhone and iPad has, at least we'll be able to link back to this in a few years and see, right?

Meanwhile Apple TV is seeing a refresh with 1080p video quality, but for most TV, that's overkill. There's already a wealth of CBS content available on Apple TV through Netflix, but If Apple is still interested in this sort of a setup, a subscription-based premium Apple TV service may still be in the cards. In any case, this kind of thing has been rumoured for awhile, so I wouldn't be holding my breath to see a launch any time soon. Would you guys be interested in a $10/month Netflix competitor from Apple? What would they need to do differently to stand out?

Source: Hollywood Reporter