Mac Touch Concept Rendering

Since returning to work following a 6-month leave of absence and a liver-transplant, Apple CEO has been locked on delivering the long-rumored, hugely-anticipated (by the blogsphere at least) Apple iTablet, or so says the Wall Street Journal.

Similar to the months before the January 2007 unveiling of the iPhone, Jobs is said to be relentlessly micro-managing away with his typical utter focus on usability and design, making engineers cry and developers miserable in hopes of delighting consumers with a tablet concept that "just works".

Making it worse, apparently, for Apple employees this time around is that aforementioned leave of absence Jobs took gave them all a brief respite of freedom, and now they're left to lament what they previously never knew. Or something like that. Really, melodramatic much?

What's clear, however, is that Jobs takes introducing whole new product categories very seriously:

Mr. Jobs killed the project twice in recent years, the first time because the battery life was too short, and the second time because there was insufficient memory, said one of the people familiar with the matter.

Asked for comment, however, Steve Jobs proved he's still on top of his game, at least when it comes to curt responses:

"much of your information is incorrect,"

You go Steve!

Update: Fake Steve chimes in with Do not get in my way when I am on a mission, or I swear to God you will get hurt