When upgrading to the new iOS powered Apple TV, you may have noticed that iTunes Extras and iTunes LP were missing. These features were included with the old Apple TV, so imagine the disappointment when veteran Apple TV users were stripped of them. Conor Winders of Redwind Software was one such user and emailed Steve Jobs himself regarding it.

The question:

I've been a massive fan of the original Apple TV since it launched, in fact I have 2 of my own and have bought a fair few as gifts over the years. So as soon as the new Apple TV was released I bought one. Overall it's a fantastic update for me as I always stream from my Mac mini anyway. But here's the kicker - Where are iTunes Extras and iTunes LP gone? I've purposely been buying content with those features just for my Apple TVs. And now the features are unusable on my new box?! Is there an update coming to fix this?

Steve's one word reply:

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This is exciting for Apple TV users and also a good sign for iPad users. We here at TiPb were surprised to learn that the iPad did not include support for iTunes Extras and iTunes LP. Being able to experience these features in your hands would be fantastic. Since Apple TV is now running iOS, it only makes sense to include iTunes Extras and iTunes LP on the iPad as well.

Any Apple TV users out there excited for the return of iTunes Extras and iTunes LP?