So much for native Flash support in iPhone. In an interview yesterday, Steve Jobs told reporters that Adobe's mobile Flash player "isn't good enough" for iPhone, shunning its possible inclusion in the product. He went on to make an oddly elusive and interesting comment, saying "There's this missing product in the middle,", hinting that Apple may have said "missing" product in development. What could it be? It won't be Silverlight, that much is certain.

You may be asking yourself why Adobe Flash support is important? Because nearly all forms of web based video from YouTube, Vimeo, Qik, and Brightcove, to name a few, are delivered or streamed in this format. Without it, such video content cannot be viewed directly. Apple developed a workaround for its YouTube anemic iPhone in the form of a homescreen client app that effectivetly siphons and converts Flash content into a digestible format, but users want a full on web video experience.

Will we ever see true native Flash support brought to iPhone, even if kicking and screaming? Read it and weep.

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