A new 30-second TV ad for the upcoming Universal Pictures biopic of Apple's late co-founder Steve Jobs shows some new footage of the movie. Apple's other co-founder Steve Wozniak is overall very pleased with the movie, and offered his thoughts on the film in a new interview

The BBC asked Wozniak about the general consensus that actor Michael Fassbender doesn't look like Jobs. Wozniak felt that Fassbender's performance overcame his lack of physical resemblance to Jobs:

A lot of people think the face of Steve Jobs matters, but it's his brain, his head, the way he worked, how did he think, how did he act with people - that's important. Michael does an incredible job with a tight script and for very much of it he's interfacing with Kate [Winslett, who plays Apple's marketing chief Joanna Hoffman], and the two of them are superb together. It's believable that this is how things would have happened and went down, and I felt I was seeing the real Steve Jobs in there. Of course, I have prosopagnosia where I don't really store faces. So, to me faces don't matter that much anyway.

Wozniak also praised actor Seth Rogen's performance as himself, even though he felt the movie didn't accurately portray some of the things he said to Jobs:

I thought he did an excellent job. In many places in the movie I'm portrayed saying things that are negative directly to Steve Jobs. Anybody who knows me will tell you I just don't say negative things to people, and could not have said them, and didn't. However, there were real issues going on in the company, the world, the customers, the board, whatever.

The new TV ad reveals that "Steve Jobs" will be released in select theaters in the US on October 9, and will open widely on October 16.

Source: BBC, Universal Pictures (YouTube)