StickyBrain brings its colorful, versatile note taking back to the Mac

After a ten-year hiatus, notes app StickyBrain has returned to the Mac. StickyBrain lets users store anything they find, from small notes to photo-heavy travel logs. The app has been re-written entirely using Apple's Swift programming language.

StickyBrain features a new note viewer for managing and searching through all of your notes. But developer Chronos emphasizes that the note viewer isn't required to get the most out of the app. You can open any note in its own window and place them around your desktop for quick and easy access to only the notes you need. You can always interact with and edit your notes directly without the need to use the viewer.

You can select different options to customize your notes, including new colors, different fonts and more. You can add attachments to your notes to go beyond text. In addition to images and documents, you can link applications to a note, and the note will hover over your app window when you open the attached program.

StickyBrain is available now with a 30-day, fully-functional trial. After the trial, you can purchase the app for $29.99 directly from Chronos. A multi-license family pack can also be purchased for $49.99.