Still want an iCEO plushy? Throwboy gives you one last chance on Kickstarter!

Remember that iCEO plush toy that was all the geek rage awhile back? Turns out there are a few hundred of the little jobbies left, but the only way you can get one is by backing Throwboy's new Chat Pillows on Kickstarter.

Supporting us doesn’t come without geeky perks. From a handwritten note direct from Roberto to our insanely great iCEOs out of our secret stash(!), you’re in for amazing rewards as a Throwboy backer. Check em’ out below!

iCEO comes in at the $100 mark, and, of course, I just backed exactly that. But there's a wide range of options and price points, and some fairly awesome pillows to be had, so check them all out and then tell me which one, if any, you went for.

Source: Kickstarter