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Ambrosia Software, makers of iToner, a software program used to put ringtones on an iPhone, have announced that they are still working on fixing iToner for firmware version 1.1.1. They expect to have an update Real Soon Now:

"it's our job to make iToner continue to function as a product... and we think we're going to be able to do just that. Very shortly we will be beta testing iToner 1.0.3 which we believe will bring iPhone OS 1.1.1 compatibility to iToner."

And wireless positioning firm Navizon, who had a nice cell tower triangulation software bit called, cough, Navizon (discussed here), announced that though they'd give back refunds to users that upgraded to 1.1.1, they're still alive and kicking and will continue efforts for users that are running firmware 1.0.2.