Table Foosball has to be one of the best games to play with your friends especially after a couple of beers. Unfortunately, you don't see these awesome football tables around very often. Well, some good news, you can now play it in all its glory on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch thanks to Stinger Foosball League.

Stinger Foosball League takes the handheld foosball game to a whole new, dynamic level. Pass and strike your way to foosball victory in this dynamic app. Combining realistic physics and AI, with fantastic 3D graphics, it's all about fun with this app. Adding hours more of gameplay, the game also features multiplayer modes, a full season and tournament mode, as well as four mini-games to build your foos skills and compete against others in online leaderboards.
  • Fully customizable game to suite your desires.
  • Several different ways to play.
  • Single Player
  • Multiplayer
  • Tournament
  • Four Mini-Games
  • Real 3D physics powered by The Foosics Engine.
  • Lively ball that rolls, flies, bounces, and deflects.
  • Detailed right down to the ball scuffs on the pitch.
  • Realistic AI that mimics the way real players play.
  • Simulates real human reaction times for a more natural game.
  • Tuned and tweaked with an emphasis on fun.
  • Universal App that will work on all iOS devices: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
  • Foosball anytime, anywhere.

Stinger Foosball League is available on the iPhone and iPad as a universal binary for $1.99

[App Store link]

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