Google Latitude just landed on iPhone and as with any location-based app, it's always good to know how to turn it off and maintain your privacy when you so choose. This one can be a little trickier than most since it looks like even quitting the app and rebooting doesn't turn off Latitude tracking.

We don't know if this is some bad coding on Google's part, whether Apple's background location API is supposed to be allowed to do this or not, or if this is just the way Latitude is designed to work (scrary if so!) but it just seems to stay on. In order to turn Latitude's tracking off this is what you need to do:

  • Tap Settings
  • Tap General
  • Tap Location Services
  • Scroll down to Latitude
  • Flip the switch to off

You should see the little arrow icon in the status bar up top disappear and then you'll know Google is no longer following your every move. To turn it on again just flip the switch back.

UPDATE: Yes you can go into Latitude: Settings and turn off Background Updating. That works too. Whether you wish to turn it off in Google's app or Apple's settings is up to you. If you want to be really sure maybe do both. Either way not everyone may understand what is needed t

Are you sensitive about your location and does Latitude raise any alarms for you if so? Let us know in the comments!

[Thanks @bengillam]

How to stop Google Latitude from tracking you