Storehouse 2.0 brings a refreshed design alongside iOS 9 support

Storehouse, an Apple Design Award winning app that allows users to easily create "stories" with their photos and videos, has been updated to version 2.0. Coming along in this update is support for iOS 9, as well as a refreshed design that the Storehouse team says will make creating and sharing stories simpler.

While those changes may sound minor, the revamped design is anything but. According to a note from Storehouse's founder, Mark Kawano, the team opted to remove most of the social media features from the app. While you can still share your stories through social media, email, and text, the followers, hashtags, and timeline features are gone inside of the app. Instead, the app now puts the emphasis on your own stories.

One of the big new features in Storehouse 2.0, however, is the addition of "spaces." Here's how Kjawano describes them:

A space is a private way to share stories with a group of friends. You can create spaces for a vacation, an event, a place you visit frequently, or any topic that you're passionate about. You have to be invited into a space to know about it and the owner of a space can decide whether or not members can add their own stories as well.

In addition, Storehouse 2.0 should be noticeably faster and more stable when working with the layout tools, and there's even a new option to shake your iPhone or iPad to shuffle layouts. If you'd like to give the refreshed Storehouse a try, you can check it out for free from the link below.

Source: Storehouse