Stringer brings customizable shuffling to your music

If you've ever listened to music on shuffle, you've probably hit the point where you'd like to hear more from that album, but then continue on with the shuffling. That's an issue that the newly-released Stringer aims to alleviate, allowing you to easily move around a shuffled list of your entire iTunes library (including iTunes Match music) and make adjustments as you see fit.

The concept is rather straightforward, but also quite different than most other iPhone apps. Stringer places your shuffled music into one continuous vertical line. A string, if you will. Each song is presented as a large view of it's album art. If, as you're listening, you decide that you want to hear more of that album, you simply swipe from the right to pull up a list of the rest of the songs, and then drag-and-drop over the ones you want. Swiping up and down moves through the list, but the next song won't start to play until you've stopped and let a 1-second timer tick over.

Stringer is free from the App Store and offers a single $4.99 in-app upgrade. That gets you a swipe to the right with related music from your library, iTunes playlist support, string saving, and the ability to set favorite tracks to quickly build new strings of that sort.

We'll definitely be up to giving Stringer a shot when it comes to our next listening session. It's free, after all. And we'd be remiss if we didn't note that Stringer was developer by our good friend, iMore contributor, and Iterate co-host Seth Clifford. So we might be a bit biased, but Stringer's also kind of awesome. You should check it out.

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