Studiometry 11 gets brand new interface, more

Oranged Software has released a major update to the desktop version of its Studiometry client and project management tool for small businesses. Studiometry 11 features a brand new, easier to use interface, along with 120 new features and improvements. This version also transitions Studiometry to Cocoa on the Mac.

The new interface has a three-column layout for faster navigation, and customizable overviews show you a quick glimpse of relevant information. For instance, you can view a project’s budget chart, any pending tasks, and any invoices from the project. Studiometry 11 also features improved estimation. You can now bill projects based on estimated amounts while tracking actual work, expenses, and profits.

Many of the app's different interfaces have been improved in version 11, including the summary engine, calendar, sorting, and filtering. Studiometry's new Cocoa foundation means that it can take advantage of system features like Services, full screen, and system-level spell check. You can download a free 30-day trial of Studiometry 11, after which you can buy a single license for $199.95. Users upgrading from version 10 will need to pay $59.95 per license.