Lister is stylish new list app for the iPhone. It offers a nice, clean interface for shopping and to-do lists that can be password protected on a per-list basis. You can also add pricing to shopping list items so that you can quickly see the total cost associated with each list.

Lister supports two different types of lists: shopping and to-do. With both types, you can assign a unique password to each list if you desire to. From the List View, you can quickly see all your lists, how many items are in each list, the date it was created, and for shopping lists, the total cost associated with them.

When creating a shopping list, you can assign each item to a category so that they are nicely organized in your list. You can also add amounts such as 3 pieces, 7 boxes, 3 jars, and 10 packets. If you want to keep track of the monetary value of the items on your list, Lister also lets you enter dollar amounts for the item you are adding and keeps a running total for you.

To-do lists in Lister feature a much more stripped down user interface so that you can quickly and easily add items to these lists. You just type in your list item or select it from the list of previously used entries and move on. When you complete a task, simply check it off.

So far, I really like Lister. It's a nice compromise between a fully-featured list app and a stripped-down-to-just-the-basics list app. It does not have a reminders feature, so if that's something you rely on, Lister is not for you. If you're looking for a stylish way to keep traditional shopping and to-do lists, however, then you may want to give Lister a look!

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