Dock your iPhone and iPad, with or without a case, with Billet Dock

The Billet Dock is a Kickstarter project that aims to make the ultimate iPad and iPhone dock. The billet dock can hold different generations of devices, no matter the difference in thickness, and can even hold them even if they're in cases.

The Billet Dock utilizes a cam pad that spins giving a continuous range of support settings allowing the dock to suit different thickness cases and different model iPads. To switch from one to the other all that is involved is rotating the cam support, it takes just seconds to do while the friction level is controlled by internal springs stopping the pad from moving when you don't want it to!

Machined from aerospace quality aluminum, the same way, they say, that Apple makes iPad and MacBook bodies, it will be offered in a wide range of colors and finishes to match whatever decor you might have or simply stand out and make just exactly the statement you wish to make. There's even a Duplex Billet Dock model to hold an iPad and an iPhone at the the same time.

The Billet Case is being offered for funding by TrackMac Engineering, a race engineering company that wants an iPad and iPhone dock as good looking and great working as precision race car.

We have taken time away from our major projects to do something for our day to day lives using the same design philosophy and expertise that we put into all of our designs whether they are for the race track or your coffee table, we take pride in what we do and would not put our name on something that is not Applesque quality.

There are 13 days left to go on the Kickstarter project. TrackMac is going to keep testing and tweaking the Billet Dock to ensure it fits most major cases and the needs of their backers on Kickstarter. So if the Billet Case is something you want on your desk, make sure you head on over and choose a pledge level.

Source: Billet Case on Kickstarter